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Our Birth Story


Photo Oct 20, 5 36 40 PMPhoto Oct 21, 12 25 46 AMPhoto Oct 21, 5 39 25 PM

I’ve been meaning to post our birth story and now that my triplets are three months old and sleeping better (woo hoo, they are in bed by 8:30!) I’ve found the time to write it out. Just to be upfront for anyone who is looking for such a birth for reference or research purposes, I delivered triplets (tri/tri) vaginally without pain meds in a hospital setting.

God was so very good to us, as I was able to make it to 36 weeks exactly and our trio spent zero time in the NICU, all of us homeward bound two days after birth. I think the fact that I followed the Brewer’s Diet really helped the babies’ developement and birht weights (4-11, 5-10 and 5-13). Some of you know from previous conversations with me that I was able to find a great OB (through our midwife) who specialies in “high risk” births– i.e. multiples, breech, etc. Overall, though I did have some frustrations with him, it was the best case scenario possible.

Once I reached 35 weeks with my triplets, my husband and I (who had been assured that this would NEVER happen) started to talk about ways to naturally get labor started. Long story short, nothing worked so on October 20th at 36 weeks exactly we decided to go in to the hospital and potentially break baby A’s waters– our conditions for this were that I be more than 5 cm dilated. At that point, I had been walking around fully effaced for about two weeks. So to the hospital we went and I was 6 cm, so we ended up checking in to the hospital and breaking baby A’s waters. Within half an hour I began having pretty hard contractions, and after about 3.5 hours of labor I reached 10 cm. I may have actually been fully dilated before this but kept refusing additional checks because the first one (during contractions) was so painful that I wanted to limit further checks to just one when I was at 10. During that time I was laboring, nurses came to do an NST every 20 minutes out of an hour– the four bands they needed to use for this were so painful though, that I finally required nurses to hold the monitors in place on my belly instead of having them strapped on me. Once at 10 cm, I was wheeled to the OR to deliver. I was SO relieved to be transitioning to the part where I could actually DO something!

There were probably like 15 people in the OR during my birth– NICU team, anesthesiology team, nurses, additional doctors, etc. I wasn’t very happy about that, but it was a compromise that I had to make to win other, more important battles. My husband and midwife (turned doula) suited up and I began pushing at each contraction, coached by a team of nurses. Honestly, the coaching was a bit much but in the moment I went with it because I was in the zone and ignoring them somewhat anyway. ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ I would have really preferred the opportunity to labor based on my own instincts, but this is the nature of a hospital birth with triplets– I was fortunate enough to have an OB who supported my vaginal birth in the first place, that I had to also respect his concerns about getting the babies out in a timely fashion. This required me to create my own sense of peace in an anxiety-ridden environment, which I was able to do only by the grace of God.

After about 20 minutes of pushing in the OR, Ulysses, our baby A was born vaginally in the most classic sense. The nurse team set him on my chest and he was able to latch right away. As with all multiple vaginal births though, it wasn’t time to celebrate yet– back to pushing. I was able to hold Uly for a bit but eventually passed him onto my husband and the nurse team to check as I continued to push. An hour or so passed as I continued pushing hard three times at each contraction without result. Atlas, my baby B was head down but sunny side up and his head was pressed into my pubic bone.

After some time, my contractions seemed to have slowed enough that I finally accepted a very small dose of pitocin to try to increase my contractions– I’m not sure if it helped or not, but after more contractions and pushing my OB used little bit of vacuum to help me push Atlas out– he emerged pretty upset and sporting a huge bruise on his poor little crown from his positioning. He also went directly to my chest though, and latched before being passed on to my husband and the team. That part was the most anxious for me, just trying to keep emotional closeness and both babies in sight was hard while still continuing to labor. My husband and midwife/doula were such an amazing asset to me in this, as I knew I could rely on them to have tabs on the babies and they did.

Once Atlas was born, things kind of went into hyper drive. My OB had prepared me for this, having previously told me that he would most likely aid baby C’s passage out in order to be safe about taking too much time and my uterus going down too quickly. Ottoline, my little lady baby C ended up footling breech, so my OB reached in (yeah, ouch) and basically pulled her out. She came into the world with completely wide open eyes looking ALL around and was also placed on my chest right away. From this point on is kind of a blur. I remember thinking I was done, and the remembering about delivering placentas. I definitely wasn’t prepared for all of the manual pressure (pushing) on my stomach, or the small surgery to stitch the minor tear that I had, but after delivering three babies you kind of just roll your eyes and grit your teeth. After these additional necessities (including a touch more pitocin to stem the blood flow), the babies and I were wheeled all together into recovery. So much happened after, of course, but I digress. The only notable event was that I passed out on my first walk to the bathroom, but I’m anemic and had just lot a good amount of blood. Not to mention that my pain threshold had been met– lol, duh.

My midwife later told me that at one point, so had to take herself in hand and remove herself to the side of the room because of the way the medical team was “digging around” inside of me, both during (to stimulate contractions I guess) and post birth (getting clots and such out). I never really realized how much of one’s own birth isn’t self-witnessed– this seems obvious because clearly there’s no out of body vantage point, but is so funny to me now because there were a number of things that happened during my birth that I didn’t realize had happened at all until I was told later. Overall my birth experience was a good one (though not without things that I wish had happened differently), but a large part of that is because I prepared my mind realistically before hand that it would be painful and probably difficult. It was both (as I suppose giving birth to triplets should be) but completely worth it in the end.

Our babies were ridiculously healthy on arrival, something I can only credit to God. No issues and no NICU time left our recovery and post-partum nurse teams shocked but joyful. That seems to be the general theme of these babies’ lives, to surprise, awe and stand as a testimony to God’s glory! We are beyond thankful. At the end of this, I especially want other women, particularly multiple Moms to know that there is no reason that we need to be afraid of birth or asking for the things we need/want for our own. That said, it’s also really important to know that birth is unpredictable and the only way to really be at peace with the process, the pain or the result is to surrender control. For me, this surrender was to God, because He is the only thing bigger enough than myself to be trusted completely and utterly.

Today I am doing really well, though life has been as stressful as newborn triplets do make it. I did have one postpartum trip to the ER (I would have just gone to my OB but he was out of town) for pretty bad abdominal pain and what may have been a small infection– my white blood cell count was not up and no retained tissue was found, so they just assumed as much and put me on an antibiotic to be safe. In all honesty, I was originally released (ejected?) from the hospital much too soon, something that apparently my OB signed off on though I could barely walk. I believe it was the overexertion (you know, from getting up in the night to see to newborn triplets) on my very very weak core that caused the stress and pain on my abdomen/uterus. I could have totally made the call to stay in the hospital longer, to be fair, but at the time was just so excited to go home.¬† Ulysses, Atlas and Ottoline are doing amazing and growing like wildfire, now cracking smiles and laughter to our delight. We are so so blessed and thankful for the way that they came into the world! If anyone reading this has questions (or whatnot) in order to help with their own birth desires or plans, please don’t hesitate to reach out– I’m an open book.

Just a note: Please respect my privacy by not sharing these photos without a link back to this post or my Instagram @ofdustandwonder.  Feel free to share the post as it is (of course, with a link to this page), thanks!


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Baked Banana Oatmeal

Photo Aug 09, 7 08 19 AMPhoto Aug 09, 7 48 16 AM

Eating for four (ha, someone please get me a t-shirt that says that) has been a little more challenging than I first realized, considering I am supposed to be getting 900 extra calories a day (300/baby!).  Then considering much of that number ought to be protein, this Mama ends up eating non-stop peanut butter toast, eggs, nuts, lean meats, quinoa, etc.  This regimen allows for a pretty great recipe discovery curve, but after awhile (read: the bigger my belly gets) the more a girl just wants some staples to get her through.

One such staple that I’ve loved of late is this amazingly delicious, and equally simple to make baked banana oatmeal.¬† My husband loves it too!¬† This morning when I rolled out of a restless, uncomfortable big-belly sleep at about 5:30 AM, I knew what would be the perfect comfort– not to mention a good protein boost for the babies!¬† We a had torrential downpour last night that Arizonans like to call a “monsoon”, and the cozy moment of cool really put me in the mood for the smells of nutmeg and banana to float from my kitchen– enter the baked banana oatmeal.

All I can say is that you should make it.¬† The only recipe tweaks that I’d recommend are to cut the milk volume down a little (I used 1.5 cups instead of 2) and of course, to enjoy it with some heavy cream. Yum.

Recipe by Love Grows Wild, find it here.

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Here’s to easy (thrifted) clothes and barefoot toes, because some days are more challenging than others.

I‚Äôve had such a great pregnancy thus far, that it‚Äôs surprised me a bit as my belly grows more uncomfortable with size (um, THREE babies, ya‚Äôll). Sleep is the most challenging thing at the moment (Narcolepsy + pregnancy discomfort is an intense combo) so there are mornings when my fatigue overrides my resolve. In afternoon hindsight, it always reminds me of how grateful I am for a God who says that he will fight for me, and that I ‚Äúonly need be still‚ÄĚ. ‚ú®

Roughly 10 more weeks until we can meet these dear little ones that we love so much. Funny how God prepares us for things ahead (hi sleep deprivation x3) with the very weaknesses he allows us to endure.ūüíô

{ outfit }

Dress – thrifted

Tee – thrifted

Necklace – handmade

Headband – DIY

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Before 6 AM wake up, sitting in the morning light and shadow of our beautiful bougainvillea plant has become more and more normal for me these days‚ÄĒ as has the expanding nature of my belly as our three (!) babies grow inside.¬† Change is a funny thing, and it’s in full bloom in my life of late.¬† This time last year, I was a brand new bride, a fresh transplant to my new home in Phoenix and not even close to being settled in (much less unpacked).¬† That was such a sweet time for both the husband and myself, but frankly, I’m so happy to be here, in this moment in time, instead.¬† Life has progressed both in change and opportunity, and what can I do but express total gratitude to the God who planned it all?¬† There have surely been challenges over this year of life– silly arguments, longing for home and good friends, missing the deep green and pleasant humidity of Midwestern terrain (including snow!).¬† Still, if you had told me then, that I’d be living in our first owned home, expecting triplets, and opening an AirBnb, I would have been a bit more than pleasantly surprised.¬† I could say that these things “just fall on us”, but they don’t really.¬† Despite the surprise that my year-ago-self would have felt, all of these things, God, home, children and vocation, have always been in my heart.¬† The God who cultivates those desires in us, is always faithful to us, if perhaps in ways and timing that we don’t see coming.¬† Never in the perfect ways that we imagine, but so much better for the growth that comes from worthy struggle that blooms beautifully in the end.

As we wait and actually begin to plan for our growing triplets, so many things have begun to take shape as to the reality ahead.¬† Becoming parents (times three) all at once is both exciting and shocking– I’m sure these littles are going to rock our notions of calm, patience and love, but I am so excited to begin that journey!¬† We’ve found three precious bassinets one at a time for the “nursery nook” in our bedroom, and each time I see them, I can’t help but imagine the unique little beings they will hold.¬† I know waiting to meet any child feels long at times, but my increasing size (and discomfort) sometimes makes me feel that much more eager for it to be October already– “wake me up when September ends”?¬† But no.¬† I know that these next months will be full of their own kind of wonder.¬† Even just today Jon and I felt the first¬†real kicks (delayed due to my¬†double anterior placenta– the third is posterior) from our babes.¬† They are getting bigger!¬† Just two and a half weeks ago, we found out that I was carrying not one, but three little ones.¬† A week later we found out how healthy and big they are (so so thankful!), weighing in at 13 oz, 14 oz, and 13 oz.

Something that I’ve found surprisingly fun and encouraging in this process is the experience I’ve had building a “maternity” wardrobe– don’t mind my quotes, I just am a believer that a lady does not need to buy specifically “maternity” clothes, just garments that are bigger enough to accommodate a baby belly!¬† My answer to this is thrifting! Second hand shopping is¬†not a science.¬† So many lady friends have asked again and again how I find the things that I do at places like Goodwill, and the answer is two fold– patience and potential.¬† One must be willing to comb through (even if briefly) the¬†whole rack/section, and be willing to pause on prints, colors or textures that catch your whimsy, all of this without any notions of perfectionism or negativity.¬† You also must (hear me: just do it!) try on potential options, even if you reject 50% of them (and you will).¬†¬†The successful thrifter follows that notion of opportunity, discovery and “you never know until you try!”.¬† Also, having fun helps a ton!

These are some looks I’ve found at Goodwill of late, proof that 1) larger sized “normal” silhouettes are sufficient, cuter + better for pregnancy clothes than ‚Äúmaternity‚ÄĚ wear, and 2) thrifting is all you need.


Literally every item I’m wearing in all of these photos was procured second hand.¬† If that’s not proof that wasting money on “new” stuff is overrated, I don’t know what is.¬† I post this not only in hopes of encouraging others to save money (and stop putting cash into the pockets of Chinese + unethical manufacturing), but specifically to encourage Moms-to-be that you don’t have to break the bank to look cute.

I’ll be attempting to update pregnancy outfit pics more frequently (and individually) moving forward, as well as write a bit about the triplet journey– I’ve just not found a ton of info out there, and know there will be other Mom’s after me who might find it helpful.

Until next time!

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Loss + Aquisition

Photo May 14, 1 37 15 PM





As with all change, we tend to lose and gain in the face of new things.  I certainly have, and even the early beginnings of this thing called Motherhood has proven to be no different.

It may sound trite, but the biggest gain/loss that I’ve experienced thus far in my pregnancy (remember that I’m only 14 weeks, so plenty to come) is that of my wardrobe due to weight gain, and the identity¬†implications that go along with that.¬† Though I’m gradually adding piece by piece¬†to my¬†maternity wardrobe, most mornings I still feel a sort of blank faced dread when facing my closet that I am not used to.¬† I’ve been told by other women that they’ve felt this way in everyday life, but until now I’ve never understood– when things don’t fit, sometimes you just want to wear clothes for crying out loud.¬† I have literally uttered this phrase in recent weeks, which is a big change for me.¬† Getting dressed in the morning has always been fun for me– but then, when things fit, options abound. And when options abound, there’s no stress in getting dressed.¬† Quite the opposite, as it becomes like playing!

The phrase “Necessity is the Mother of invention” has always been a dear one to me, and has been a sober reminder in some of my more frustrating moments (like literally busting zippers on some of my dresses, trying to get into them).¬† And so, I’m reinventing my wardrobe for now, and calling it an adventure.¬† Frankly, I somewhat envy those ladies who can just wear leggings and maternity clothes, but that just holds no joy for me.¬† My strategy thus far has been just purchasing normal style clothing in larger sizes, and thus far I’ve been pretty happy with it!¬† I can still squeeze into¬†some things that were once big on me– this handmade veggie root skirt used to have to be safety pinned smaller whenever I wore it. Now I’m wearing it at full capacity of its girth!

If anyone who might be reading, has built a pregnancy wardrobe and managed to maintain your own style, I’d love to hear about it! ūüôā

{ skirt } –¬†handmade via Sophster Toaster¬†

{ tee } Рthrifted + upcycled

{ necklace } – handmade

{ sandals } РSeychelles


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In + Out


You know how they say that Spring “comes in like a lion and out like a lamb”?¬† That may well be true in my native Chicago, but not so much here in the Sonoran Desert.¬† Truth be told, it’s April 11th and Spring is long since over.¬† Temps in the 90’s, sleeveless-ness,¬†ice cold beverages and serious AC are the new normal until at least September here in Phoenix.¬† While I, the usually frozen vampire girl, love this, I do occasionally find myself longing for rain, crisp breezes and the enjoyment of budding trees and new plant growth.¬† Back home in the midwest, consistent “springy” weather would often hide its face until¬†well into May (if not June), leaving the truly hot “dog days” of summer until July.

And so, with this abrupt passing of¬†spring, I realized I hadn’t a chance yet to post any outfits from the truly “spring” weather that we briefly had from about January to March. Sweaters are now all abandoned, my closet cleaned out of anything with more than a tee sleeve, but still¬†these looks needed documenting.¬† Hey, at least this is seasonally appropriate for the vast majority of anyone that would be reading this. ūüėČ

Spring Look #1

{ sweater } Рthrifted

{ skirt¬†} – vintage 60’s, available in the shop!

{ socks } Р?

{ shoes¬†} – vintage 70’s, thrifted

{ necklace } Рhandmade, Seven Finches


Spring Look #2

{ dress } – Fair Trade, Mata Traders

{ sweater } Рthrifted

{ boots } – Fiorentini & Baker

{ necklace } – handmade, Seven Finches

bluerust2bluerust7Photo Jan 12, 4 10 36 PM (1)bluerust4bluerust9

Spring Look #3

{ dress } – fair trade, Mata Traders

{ top } Рthrifted + upcycled

{ necklace } – vintage 40’s, inherited

{ boots } – Frye


Spring Look #4

{ dress } Рfair trade, Mata Traders

{ cardigan }¬†– vintage 50’s, via Rabia Y Miel

{ tights } – ModCloth

{ boots } – Melissa


In the future, I’ll try to keep up to speed a bit more.¬† Bring on summer, I suppose, because it has certainly arrived in my neck of the woods!

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Little Bit ‘o Spring

My Spring fever is far more advanced this year than one would expect after a move to such warmer climes (Chicago transplant to Phoenix if you are just tuning in!), so I’m taking advantage of any and every nod to warmer weather that I can– especially¬†now that it’s March!

Of all of the decades of recent fashion history, I have to say that the 60’s and 70’s really take the lead in warm weather wear– I can’t think of sunshine and iced tea without a bright print mini coming to mind.¬† I currently have several adorable dresses in the shop that fit this description, and will be listing one or two more in the coming week.¬† Check ’em out!


One of my favorite ways to sport this coy style of dress in early spring is paired with knit tights for warmth and layered up with a sweater and jacketРthis makes for a super comfortable and sharp look when the weather is a bit chilly yet for bare limbs.


Outfit Details

{ dress }¬†–¬†vintage 60’s, in the shop!

{ sweater } –¬†U.O.

{ tights } – Modcloth

{ jacket } – vintage 50’s, in the shop!

{ heels } – vintage 70’s, thrifted

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Nuance + Understanding


Warp speed has been achieved over the past couple of weeks, seemingly without any warning whatsoever.¬† In truth, this is something that I’ve prayed for– funny how bittersweet answered prayer sometimes is for us fickle humans.¬† Even after crying out to God for my own¬†things going on here, now that reality is resembling that, I¬†find myself glancing longingly back at my previous overabundance of¬†time.¬† But then, would any circumstance ever satisfy?¬† For these reasons I am¬†so thankful that I don’t need to find fulfillment¬†in the temporary (as tempting as it is to try), busy or not.

Somehow I never shared this very cozy, wintery¬†desert¬†ensemble, though these photos are from November (I think?). There’s just something about velvet that is so easy and elegant– I’ve been pleased to see that it fits right in with the ruggedness of Arizona (or perhaps is a perfect balance to it?).¬† Maybe the fabric brings to mind times long past in these western territories– floor length velvet skirts, laced up leather boots… Yes, there’s something “old world” feeling about velvet.

Sometimes when I have these thoughts, there’s a flash of shame over anyone ever perceiving¬†the above as superficial, because in reality¬†it’s¬†so much more¬†than that for me.¬† There’s something about the way God designed my brain that seeks and senses balance, and¬†understanding in¬†all things– this includes aesthetics, but also things like relational dynamics, psychology and identity.¬† I find that my knack for mediating conflict, seeing potential in people/things and spotting¬†missing pieces is fueled by the same part of me that notes the order in beauty, like the perfection that exists in the way soft wildflowers sidle up to hard, jagged rocks, and the way God’s word manifests in our very existence.¬† Perhaps it’s the¬†logic of truth/balance that God wired into me?¬† I’ve spent many years sniffing around this natural tendency of mine, trying to pin it down or spell it out, and recently God has been nudging me more about it.¬† Last week alone I had two separate spontaneous conversations with friends that begged the question, “what purpose has God made you for?”¬† Even a Bible study that I am currently doing of the book of Daniel keeps peppering my mind with questions about discernment, wisdom and knowledge– the divine kind that only comes from the God of Everything.

Because I am an abundantly introspective¬†person (I bet you couldn’t tell), I’ve spent plenty of time breaking down the mechanics of the way God designed my mind, and the potential of his design in all humans.¬† Be it through MBTI, Love Languages, Big Five, Enneagram or any other number of good tools, I’ve digested them all.¬† As they should, the pieces that each of these tools helped me to understand about myself correlate to the next– though measuring different things, they all¬†agree at the end of the day about my general wiring.¬† These tools have helped confirm some overall truths about the way that I’m distinct from other humans, my sin patterns, and strengths, but they were never meant to determine or confirm something as great as God’s calling on our lives.¬† This is where I find myself at present.

Despite the fact that I believe God has made me to pursue understanding through the study of human motivations, I’m often frustrated with the way our culture clings to labels– perhaps its because true creation includes¬†nuance; so a label is only a¬†half¬†truth (just the way C.S. Lewis said that Satan¬†best deceives us).¬†Humans seem to be desperate to categorize things into bite sized little boxes, in hopes of gaining control through¬†total¬†understanding.¬†¬†This isn’t bad in and of itself, but expecting all things (including the supernatural) to fall into these strict categories¬†can be.¬† As someone who has a radar and a constant thirst for understanding, I know this intimately– that if we are to truly receive these things, we must not make idols of, or seek to control them. This is a conclusion that I reached long ago in regards to Spiritual Gifts– that at the end of the day, we can identify¬†patterns in the way that God uses us, but we¬†must let go of our expectations + need to define in order to fully be the vessels that he desires us to be.

And introspection off. ūüėČ For now.

Just so you know, you can now also follow my blog with Bloglovin if that’s a thing you do.




{ d r e s s }¬†– thrifted¬†via Goodwill, vintage 50’s

{ t o p } Рthrifted via Goodwill

{ n e c k l a c e } – handmade via Etsy

{ s h o e s } Рthrifted via Poshmark

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New Thing

Photo Jan 01, 1 06 12 PM

Belated as it may be, I’ve been meaning to write and document some thoughts for this new year of life before it passes me by– January is already half over as it is!¬† As you can see, I have liked white for New Years day ever since I first had the inkling— there’s just something audacious and fresh about white in winter!¬† Perfect for welcoming in a New Year.

This New Year has been my first as a wife and my first as a Phoenician (fancy for dweller of Phoenix), really this entire season has been one of firsts.  Change is a wonderful, but sometimes wearying thing, bringing with it new breathРsometimes in the form of balmy breeze, and other times a gale force wind.

I know that God is “doing a new thing” in my life right now, but specifically what lies ahead, I don’t know.¬† Funny how this impatient culture that we live in, breeds us to demand to¬†know what’s ahead, so that we can control the outcome.¬† Truly, I find it an amazing relief, in this season of newness, that¬†I do not need to be at the helm of where my life is going.¬† Despite that and the excitement that this new season brings, I know that in 2018 I’ll need to be on constant guard against my flesh and that easy pitfall of desiring to control my future.¬† For some that might be anxiety, fear or apathy.¬† My personal brand of natural sin patterns are¬†frustration and¬†discontent– these are my shortcomings that flare up in times of uncertainty, and I’m doing my best even now to surrender them to Christ.

Oh, the hopes I have for this year!¬† Some realistic and so close that I can touch.¬† Others (true to my nature) are quite far fetched and would/will only be realized through divine providence.¬† I’m learning to engage with both of these kinds of hopes, reaching but keeping only a loose hold– not gripping too tightly, even to the seemingly tangible.

Who knows?  This year may grow my Enneagram work: allowing me to help more people identify and dismiss lies that plague them, and return to their identity in the grace of Christ.

Maybe this year I’ll actually allow more of my mind to flow out on paper in the form of artwork–¬†and¬†have the courage¬†to share it when I do.¬† Maybe I’ll stop hiding from this and other creative gifts that God has given me, investing them the way I was designed to do.

Maybe I will finally write here more regularly.

I have great hopes for friendship (both old and new), limitless learning, and continuing to grow in contentment and purpose¬†right here where and when I am.¬† Each year it seems that God underlines the importance of that– finding contentment and joy in every circumstance.¬† Oh, I am still growing in my natural proclivity towards this, but it gets easier with time– easier to laugh at inconveniences, less hesitation when something goes wrong before I switch gears and allow God to show me the lemonade behind the lemons.¬† It’s amazing how beautiful this life is when I choose to live in the knowledge that the God that I serve, redeems¬†all things.


Photo Jan 01, 1 48 00 PM

Photo Jan 01, 1 07 16 PM

Photo Jan 01, 1 06 32 PM

Photo Jan 01, 1 07 29 PM

Photo Jan 01, 1 06 40 PM

D e t a i l s 

{ dress } –¬†vintage 30’s, coming soon to the shop!

{ cardigan }¬†–¬†thrifted

{ shoes } Рthrifted via Poshmark

{ bracelet } – gift


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Catch + Release {purple}

I have always enjoyed seeing potential in things, and have been told that I’m pretty good at “picking ’em”. This often includes people, situations, places and (yes) clothing– especially¬†in regards to ethical style gems via second hand shopping.¬† Pertaining to the latter, this can be quite a bittersweet thing, because there is just¬†too much good out there! ¬†Over the years, I’ve often found amazing clothing pieces at great prices that are¬†not my size, and felt a sadness at seeing a great deal go to waste. So recently while searching Etsy, it hit me: I should totally be sharing these not-my-size pieces here on my blog, and maybe somebody out there would score a sweet piece!

So, without further ado, here are some awesome garments (from my ferocious¬†search habits and private Etsy favorites)¬†that I wish were my size! I’ll group these posts around specific color, print or styles and share the gamut¬†of items that wouldn’t fit me (but might fit you)! ¬†PS- I’m kind of a cheapskate, so good prices only¬†will be represented here. ūüėČ


  1. 50’s lavender western, metallic rick rack midi skirt – $54 (currently on sale!)DiffSize0DiffSize0.1
  2. 50’s lavender gingham cotton dress with floral details – $69DiffSize0.3DiffSize0.2
  3. 50’s lavender bucket pocket full skirt – $38Diffsize0.4DiffSize1_28
  4. 80’s-does-40’s purple pocket detail wiggle skirt – $42Diffsize0.5Diffsize0.6
  5. 50’s lavender cotton day dress – $62Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
  6. 60’s lavender tulip embroidered pencil skirt – $60diffsize0.9


7) 70’s Lilac beaded day dress -$62


8) 80’s Metallic Lavender Sheath Dress –¬†$39


Don’t know your measurements or why they matter?¬† It’s a practice I have gotten into over the years because of the fickleness of vintage-vs-modern day sizing, but all in all is¬†the smartest way to shop!¬† Why?¬† Because sizes may vary, but measurements are standard from brand to brand and decade to decade– 29″ inches is 29″ inches.¬† Got me?¬† This little bit of info is usually pretty liberating, especially¬†for ladies who normally dread online shopping.

More where that came from next time, as I am always combing for unique and affordable pieces.